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How much time required for publishing my paper?

The time required for publishing a paper is one day after acceptance of the paper.

I have submitted my paper 4 days ago, but no email is sent by Novelty Journals.

We will send you acknowledgment by mail after submission. If you do not receive acknowledgment mail within 48 hours of paper submission, please mail us at for confirmation of paper submission. Also, check your spam folder in the mailbox.

What is the cost for publishing paper with Novelty Journals?

Please click here to see complete details.

Is it mandatory to submit copyright form with paper?

Yes, for publishing a paper corresponding author have to submit the copyright form earliest possible.

In what format paper will be submitted to Novelty Journals?

Author can submit paper in word format i.e., in .doc/ .docx format.

Is conference paper published by Novelty Journals?

Yes, conference papers are published by Novelty Journals.