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The author can see few reasons below to consider us for publishing papers in International Journals.

Timely Publication of Issue: All issues of Novelty Journals are finalized timely without any embargo period.
DOI Provided: From April 2022, Doi is provided to the article.
Highly visibility: All articles are highly visible on search engines for the widest dissemination of scientific knowledge worldwide.
Daily Published Articles: All accepted papers are published on daily basis to avoid unnecessary delays.
Open Access Journals: All papers in novelty journals are fully open access for the widest visibility of author research work and therefore increase the citation of papers.
Indexing List: Articles are globally indexed, Please click here to see the complete list.
Quick Peer Review Process: All efforts are put in to reduce the peer-review process time to publish papers quickly.
Clear Author Policy: All policies related to publishing are clearly mentioned for quick publication of articles.
Easy submission Process: Author can submit their paper by form submission as well as by email.
Quick Publishing of paper: After acceptance of the paper, the total time required for publishing of paper is one day for the author's convenience.
Paper Publishing Certificate: we provide authors with a hard or soft copy of the certificate if requested by authors.
Free Editing Service: Our Editorial Board provide free editorial service to the author.
Free Typesetting of Article: The author needs to submit the article in word format, there is no need to make the article in template form. our typesetting team will make the paper look like a template format.


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