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Peer Review Process

Major Steps for the review process are given below.

1. All International Journals of Novelty Journals use a double-blind peer review process for reviewing the paper. In a Double-blind peer review system, rigorous reviewing is performed by knowledgeable researchers to ensure that high-quality papers will be published in International Journal.


2. Reviewing process starts when the editor assigns potential peer reviewers a manuscript for reviewing and the reviewer agrees to perform the review. After reviewing the paper, the reviewer submits reviews and provides likes, dislikes, comments, and recommendations to the editors.


3. If there is any conflict of interest between the reviewer with the manuscript then the reviewer informs the editors of the concerned journal about the matter. Conflict of interest like relationships with the authors, workmates, teammates, co-workers, family, personal friends, and also people the reviewer dislike.


4. The Executive editor of the journals takes the final decision for manuscripts whether to accept, accept with revision or reject. If there is acceptance from editors, then Novelty journals publish papers as soon as possible after confirmation with the author.


5. Once the manuscript is accepted, the publishing and production process is initiated. In this process, Firstly, galley proof is sent to the author for any needed correction. Secondly, the author sends back to the publisher galley proof after critical changes (if any). Critical correction includes data correction, missing names, in press citation, grammar check, etc. Entire content change at this stage is not encouraged. Lastly, the Manuscript is published after approval by the authors.