International Journal of Novel Research in Education and Learning

Scope of Journal
International Journal of Novel Research in Education and Learning (IJNREL) is one of the leading journals of education research. Both research and review articles are published in International Journal of Research in Education and Learning. Articles of recent research and development in the field of education are published. Double blind peer review process is used for reviewing articles of recent research. Time required for reviewing a article takes at least one week.

Paper Submission:
Sumit your paper at submit.nj@gmail.com or by using form submission (Click here).

Paper Submission:
Sumit your paper at submit.nj@gmail.com or by using form submission

Contact Address: editor@noveltyjournals.com

Publication Frequency: Weekly Published Journal, Issue Finalized Six times in a Year.

Major Topics 
Asynchronous Learning Networks; Classical education; Contemplative education; Contemporary Issues; Critical pedagogy; Crosstalk; Curriculum theory; Democratic education; Development goals; Early Childhood Research; Education Electronic; Educational Administration; Educational anthropology; Educational Insights; Educational levels; Educational psychology; Educational Research; Educational Society; Educational Technology; Educational Theory; E-learning; English as a Second Language; Experimental Psychology; Higher Education Policy; Human Development; Industrial Teacher Education; Informal learning; Initial teacher education; Instructional theory; Interactive Media in Education; Internationalization; Issues in education; Leadership in Learning; Leadership theory; Learner; Learning; Learning modalities; Literature for Adolescents; Normative Curriculum Theory; Normative Philosophies; Normative theories of education; Open education; Organizational; Other educational forms; Philosophy of Education; Professional Development; Purpose of schools; Reading Association; Scholarship in Learning; Science Education; Self-directed learning; Sociology of education; Teacher education; Teacher Research; Teaching; Teaching Sociology; Technical Education; Technology Education; Theories of education; Vocational.


Vol 6 Issue 2 March 2019-April 2019

Vol 6 Issue 1 January 2019-February 2019

Vol 5 Issue 6 November 2018-December 2018

Vol 5 Issue 5 September 2018-October 2018

Vol 5 Issue 4 July 2018-August 2018

Vol 5 Issue 3 May 2018-June 2018

Vol 5 Issue 2 March 2018-April 2018

Vol 5 Issue 1 January 2018-February 2018

Vol 4 Issue 6 November 2017-December 2017

Vol 4 Issue 5 September 2017-October 2017

Vol 4 Issue 4 July 2017-August 2017

Vol 4 Issue 3 May 2017-June 2017

Vol 4 Issue 2 March 2017-April 2017

Vol 4 Issue 1 January 2017-February 2017

Vol 3 Issue 6 November 2016-December 2016

Vol 3 Issue 5 September 2016-October 2016

Vol 3 Issue 4 July 2016-August 2016

Vol 3 Issue 3 May 2016-June 2016

Vol 3 Issue 2 March 2016-April 2016

Vol 3 Issue 1 January 2016-February 2016

Vol 2 Issue 6 November 2015-December 2015

Vol 2 Issue 5 September 2015-October 2015

Vol 2 Issue 4 July 2015-August 2015

Vol 2 Issue 3 May 2015-June 2015

Vol 2 Issue 2 March 2015-April 2015

Vol 2 Issue 1 January 2015-February 2015

Vol 1 Issue 2 November 2014-December 2014

Vol 1 Issue 1 September 2014-October 2014