International Journal of Novel Research in Physics Chemistry & Mathematics

Scope of Journal
International Journal of Novel Research in Physics Chemistry & Mathematics (IJRPCM) is scholarly open access peer reviewed journal which publishes article of innovative research and high quality reviews.  Editorial Board invites review essay, scholarly research article, and innovative trends of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Double blind peer review is applied for reviewing article. Time required for reviewing article is around one week.

Paper Submission:
Sumit your paper at submit.nj@gmail.com or by using form submission (Click here).

Contact Address: editor@noveltyjournals.com

Publication Frequency: 
Weekly Published Journal, Issue Finalized three times in a Year.

Major Topics 
Acid-base reaction; Alchemy; Algebra; Analytical Chemistry; Applied Mathematics; Applied physics; Astrochemistry; Astrophysics; Atomic physics; Atomic, and molecular optical physics; Biochemistry; Biological Chemistry; Biological physics; Calculus and analysis; Chemical physics; Classical mechanics; Classical physics; Combinatorics; Computational physics; Computing; Condensed matter physics; Continuum mechanics; Crystallography; Differential equations; Dynamical systems; Environmental Chemistry; Experimental physics; Fluid mechanics; Food chemistry; Food Science; Function theory; Functional analysis; Game theory; General relativity; Geochemistry; Geometry; Geophysics; Green chemistry; High Energy Physics; Inorganic Chemistry; interpolation spaces; Logic; Low temperature physics; Materials and Polymers; Materials science; Mathematical Economics; Mathematical physics; Mathematical Sciences; Mathematics Biology; Measurement; Mechanics; Medical physics; Modern physics; Molecular physics; Nuclear chemistry; Nuclear physics; Number theory; Numerical analysis; Operations Research; Optics; Organic Chemistry; Particle physics; Photochemistry; Physical Chemistry; Plasma physics; Plasmas; Probability and statistics; Pure mathematics; Quantum field theory; Quantum mechanics; Radiochemistry; Rheology; Soft matter physics; Solid mechanics; Solid-state chemistry; Space of functions; Special functions; Special relativity; Statistical and nonlinear physics; Stereochemistry; String theory; Supramolecular chemistry; Surface science; Theoretical chemistry; Theoretical physics; Thermodynamics; Topology.


Vol 5 Issue 3 September 2018-December 2018

Vol 5 Issue 2 May 2018-August 2018

Vol 5 Issue 1 January 2018-April 2018

Vol 4 Issue 3 September 2017-December 2017

Vol 4 Issue 2 May 2017-August 2017

Vol 4 Issue 1 January 2017-April 2017

Vol 3 Issue 3 September 2016-December 2016

Vol 3 Issue 2 May 2016-August 2016

Vol 3 Issue 1 January 2016-April 2016

Vol 2 Issue 3 September 2015-December 2015

Vol 2 Issue 2 May 2015-August 2015

Vol 2 Issue 1 January 2015-April 2015

Vol 1 Issue 1 September 2014-December 2014